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Road Builders: 9-Percent of Wisconsin Bridges "Structurally Deficient"

Monday, April 11, 2016 10:33 AM | Anonymous

Road builders: 9-percent of Wisconsin bridges "structurally deficient"

WSAU, April 11, 2016



The head of a state road-building organization says a new report highlights the need to change how the Wisconsin funds highway and bridge repairs. The study by a national transportation group found about nine-percent of the bridges in Wisconsin rate as structurally deficient...which means one or more sections are in poor or worse condition.


Wisconsin Transportation Development Association president Jerry Derr says the bridges are still safe to drive over. He says many of the bridges are behind schedule for maintenance. Others are handling more daily traffic than they were designed for.


Derr says the D-O-T does a good job at inspecting and prioritizing repairs...but the budget can’t keep up. He says the state needs to increase the pace of repairing or replacing bridges, which means finding new funding sources. "A band-aid approach to repairs, and putting it on the credit card no longer works," he said.


Derr says solutions could include increasing gas taxes or vehicle registration fees. Governor Scott Walker said he'd consider those changes, but only if the increases were set off by cuts somewhere else in the state budget. State lawmakers sparred with the governor in the last budget cycle over bond borrowing for road projects.

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