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Town of Deerfield Creates Local Ordinance Affecting Aggregate Producers' Operations

Friday, March 20, 2015 9:32 AM | Anonymous

APW's board has been alerted to an ordinance created by the town of Deerfield that would significantly impact local aggregate producers' operations.  These types of ordinances have been ever-increasing throughout the state and addressing this issue has become the biggest legislative priority for APW.

As a result, the APW board has decided to host a legislative day later this year in an attempt to educate legislators as to the effects these types of ordinances have on operations.  It is imperative that there is a good turn-out for this event, and the board encourages all members to participate.

To view a copy of the town of Deerfield's latest ordinance, please click here.  Stay tuned for future news relating to the upcoming legislative day.

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